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Remarks Upon Retiring

March 26, 2024

--- my last full City Council meeting ---

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(My actual last meeting was April 9, when our new Councilmember was sworn in.)

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San Dimas It's Your Town!

(Written for the 2020 campaign.  Still true in 2024.)

San Dimas is a wonderful community, and it’s an honor to serve as your Councilmember.


My commitment remains unchanged:  We must foster strong neighborhoods, create a vibrant downtown, support small businesses, promote parks, trails, trees, and open space, provide programs for everyone from toddlers to seniors, and preserve our small-town feel – all built on a foundation of solid finances, top-notch public safety, and good infrastructure.


Over the past four years, we accomplished park renovations, major roadwork, and a downtown facelift.  We saved a historic wall, allowed microbreweries, planned for the Gold Line, put on great community events, and responded to residents’ concerns.


If reelected, I will continue to offer fresh ideas and innovative solutions.  I will insist that projects fit our community, and that government is accountable, fair, and friendly.  I will redouble my efforts to make our downtown vibrant, warm, and inviting, with more restaurants and shops, and a westward expansion along Bonita Avenue.  I will fight to protect the outstanding history, stability, and diversity that San Dimas is known for.


It’s all about Quality of Life – A town where Families grow up, Businesses thrive, and Visitors are amazed – A place you want to call home.


This is San Dimas.  Your town.  Together, let’s make it the best it can be!

- John Ebiner

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Snow(!) at the Holiday Extravaganza

John Philip Julian Felix 2019-06-08.jpg

John with the twins and proud papa Philip

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