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Various proposals are sprinkled throughout the other pages.  I wanted to collect those ideas and others on this page.                  — John Ebiner

Here are a few:   Extend Downtown along Bonita Avenue to Eucla, have a great-looking sign or arch over Bonita at Eucla saying "Downtown San Dimas", plant 1,000 trees in the next four years, build a dedicated Youth Center by 2026 (and be in the planning or at least "imagining" phase by 2023), take another look at a quiet zone plan for the Metrolink trains, come up with a shade plan for the new Via Verde Park playground, put in a splash pad at one of the parks, provide free public Wi-Fi in all city buildings and in the expanded downtown business district, build a small plaza on San Dimas Avenue next to the Gold LIne station, and  hold onto your hats  install a life-size Bill and Ted phone booth near the Circle K to celebrate our "excellent adventure"!

Detail is on the way.  Meanwhile, listen to the candidate's 30-minute interview.  Click on the Podcast Microphone.

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