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Track Record on the City Council

Getting things done on the City Council is largely a collaborative process.  You can't claim 100% of the credit, because it takes three votes to do anything.  

[This page is partially under construction.]

Here are some things the City Council has accomplished.  If it was originally my idea on the Council, I put an asterisk (*) next to it.  If there were two of us who were responsible for the idea, I put two asterisks (**).  Three asterisks (***) means I was the third and deciding vote to make this happen.  The rest are things I advocated in City Council discussions, but they originated with staff or the Council as a whole.


By the way, nothing happens without our city staff providing reports and analysis beforehand and then carrying out the policies and directives that we adopt.  And in some cases the public plays a big part in steering things one way or another.

  John Ebiner 

During my Last Term

☑︎  Marchant Park renovation.

☑︎  Via Verde walking path rehabilitation (just getting underway).

☑︎  Public Safety – 1/3 of General Fund, serious property crime down.

☑︎  Downtown face-lift.

☑︎  Downtown Wi-Fi (*), flowers in pots (*), dog water fountain (*).  (Little things count.)

☑︎  Microbreweries permitted (**).

☑︎  Pet chickens allowed (*).

☑︎  Historic rock wall on Iglesia Street saved from demolition.

☑︎  Walnut Creek plateau trails, forever preserving open space.  Access is from the Antonovich trail.  Opening soon.

☑︎  Fiscal responsibility – Make sure you have the money before you spend the money.

☑︎  Graffiti – same day removal (*), no excuses.

☑︎  San Dimas Avenue rebuild, and other big road projects.

Highlights from Previous Terms

☑︎  Prevented housing developments above Walnut Creek (***).  This area is almost completely surrounded by San Dimas but is actually controlled by Los Angeles County.  One of the issues in my very first City Council campaign was a developer's proposal to build 114 houses and create a land bridge from San Dimas Avenue to get to them.  It would have ruined the Walnut Creek nature area, not to mention tearing down some historic buildings on the property.  I won the seat on the City Council, which meant there were three votes absolutely opposed to the development.  "Three makes five", one political veteran told me, and from then on the Council was unanimously opposed to that project and at least two others that developers tried to get through.  We even sued L.A. County to prevent these development disasters.  Many years later we actually partnered with the County to buy the plateau.  And now we have built the trails mentioned above, with a natural landscaping buffer between the trails and nearby houses.

☑︎  Changed the zone of a little piece of property on the west side of San Dimas Avenue south of Commercial Street so that residents of the Pioneer Park neighborhood, specifically Shirlmar Street, would have single family homes across the street and not a block wall at the back of a strip mall (*).

[More to be written on the items below.  Use the contact page if you would like me to call or email you about something before I get a chance to write about it.]

☑︎  Changed downtown residential from a duplex zone to single family zone in order to protect our historic town core.  I was the third vote in support of this, and after contentious public hearings, we passed the change on a 3-2 vote.

☑︎  Changed the foothill zone (*) to prevent it from being just another hillside housing development, preserving open space and the view you see today.

☑︎ Mobile Home Accord (**).

☑︎  Dog park (*).

☑︎  Skate park (**).

☑︎  Horsethief Canyon Park.  Did you know that early proposals for the park called for lighted baseball fields and/or a lighted golf driving range?

☑︎  Gold Line art.

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