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Gold Line Parking Lot - Proposed Change in Location

The Gold Line Construction Authority is considering relocation of the San Dimas station parking lot from the approved location off Arrow Hwy to the San Dimas Park & Ride on San Dimas Avenue.

The Gold Line Authority's description of the proposed change is below the map.

Although the official comment period has ended, you can still email Lisa Levy Buch at the Gold Line with any concerns or questions:

Gold Line Parking Lot Map - SEIR 3 - 2021.JPG

(click the map to enlarge)

Explanation from the Gold Line Construction Authority, 10/18/2021: The Construction Authority will evaluate potential Project Modifications in the city of San Dimas. On June 17, 2021, the City of San Dimas in cooperation with the Construction Authority approved a binding letter of intent to consider relocating the San Dimas Station parking facility to property owned by the City. The city prefers not to displace the City Yard that is located within the currently approved parking facility location (SEIR 2 certified in January 2021) and expressed a desire instead to locate parking for the Project on an existing parking lot west of the future San Dimas Station. The proposed site is currently used as the San Dimas Park & Ride Lot for Foothill Transit and located south of the project right-of-way (ROW) between San Dimas Ave. and Monte Vista Ave.

For this SEIR 3, the Construction Authority is considering relocation of the parking facility in the City of San Dimas from the approved location in SEIR 2 to this requested location (see map below). The proposed new parking location would be redeveloped to accommodate the same number of parking spaces as planned at the currently approved parking location. The Construction Authority also proposes new roadway and pedestrian access changes to the San Dimas Station.

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