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Election 2022

Tuesday, June 7

San Dimas Candidates


Emmet Badar

Ruth Luevand

City Council District 2

Brandon Moon

Eric Nakano

City Council District 4

Ryan Vienna

District 1, currently Eric Weber, and District 3, currently John Ebiner, will have elections in 2024.

(Councilmember Denis Bertone is retiring this year.  Thanks for all you have done, Denis!  - J.E.)

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Contact the City Clerk for more information:

Debra Black, 909-394-6210,

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Candidate Statements

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Council District 2

Council District 4


Candidates are listed alphabetically by district.  This may differ from the order on the ballot.

The candidates approved having links to their statements and websites on this page. - J.E.

Candidates Forum

The Candidates Forum was recorded on May 5, 2022.

Tap TV to watch.

Watch the Candidates Forum

To my Friends, Supporters, and the Public-At-Large

February 9, 2022


I want to let you know that I will not be running for Mayor in the 2022 election.  I will continue to serve on the City Council with a renewed commitment to the people of San Dimas.

I am happy with many of the City's accomplishments over the past years.  However, it is now time for policy changes that will guide San Dimas forward - toward 2030 and beyond.  I believe the next two years are literally a pivot point for our City.  We need to adjust our heading, set a course, and then forge ahead.

  • Quality of Life is paramount.

  • Our small town atmosphere must be preserved.

  • We need to embrace what it means to be inclusive, diverse, and equitable.

  • San Dimas must continue to be a City where people feel good about the place they call home.


Over the next few weeks, I plan to revamp my website and Facebook page.  I will add detail on what kind of policies should be discussed and decided, and how ALL OF YOU can be involved in setting our course. (I might even sneak in a few election year tidbits here and there!)

Although I am not running for Mayor this year, I am excited and enthusiastic about what we can achieve.  The City Council, in collaboration with the People of San Dimas, can adopt a vision for 2030+, a forward-looking vision that respects our past and all the good things that our community is today, a vision that will point our town toward a great future.


Together, Let's Make San Dimas The Best It Can Be!

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