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Waste Management Temporary Service Cutback

** Update - Normal Pickup Starts February 2 **

Waste Management will resume full service the week of February 1.  In San Dimas, that means that trash, recycling, and green waste will all be picked up on February 2 and from then on.  Here is Waste Management's communication to the City:

“Based on current conditions, this confirms our plan to resume weekly green waste and recycling service to all residents beginning the week of February 1.  We will communicate this to residents through an out dial message and a postcard.  I am working on the postcard copy and will forward for your approval before printing.  We will continue our weekly check-in meetings thru February 18 and longer as needed.

Thank you for working with us through these unprecedented times."

– Teri Muse, Public Sector Solutions Representative

Original Post - early January

Waste Management has a shortage of drivers due to workers quarantining and everyone taking extra safety precautions during the Covid-19 crisis.  Over a quarter of their drivers are absent at any one time.  To cope with the shortage, Waste Management has instituted a temporary cutback to the pickup schedule in San Dimas.

Trash will be picked up every week as usual, but recycling and green waste will be picked up every other week on a rotating basis.  Teri Muse, Waste Management's liaison to San Dimas, emphasizes that this is only temporary, and the company hopes to return to the regular schedule after January.  Here is their post with the schedule.

WM Schedule Change 2021a.png
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