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San Dimas is a great place to live.  Please vote in the City Council election.

Election Day is today, March 3!

Today is election day, and I'd like to thank everyone who has been involved:

-  the candidates, all of whom want to make a difference and serve San Dimas.

-  my supporters, starting with Lori and my wonderful family, and continuing with everyone who has helped our campaign in any way.

-  and, most of all, the voters.  You are the most important ingredient in this whole process.  Win or lose, this is democracy in action, the American way, and I am proud to be a part of it.


Many of you have voted already.  If not (and if you live in San Dimas!), I urge you to go to the polls.  The San Dimas city website has information about all the candidates at


You can also visit my website -  Today I added facts, figures, and comments about our business climate.  My website also has a link to find out where to vote, and I'll put a link to the results tomorrow.  Happy electing!


- John Ebiner

It's not too late to send your mail-in ballot!

Thanks to a new law, you can mail your absentee ballot as late as election day.  As long as it is postmarked by March 3 and arrives by March 9, your vote will count!


on or before

March 3,



It is an honor to serve as your Councilmember.


San Dimas is a wonderful community, with events and activities for everyone to enjoy.  Our city is attractive and safe.  The budget is sound, boasting $16,800,000 in reserves.


Several exciting projects were completed during the past four years, including downtown façade renovations, Grove Station, and major street repairs.  An abandoned shopping center was replaced by shops and housing.  The Veterans Monument was dedicated.


Now fine dining is coming to the Walker House, and more downtown improvements will help small businesses and encourage sidewalk cafés.  Above Walnut Creek quiet trails will meander through open space.  Marchant Park will undergo major renovations.  And we will build a playground where children of all abilities can play side by side. 


Quality of life and economic vitality are my priorities.  A vibrant, thriving downtown.  Good neighborhoods.  Development that fits our town.


Lori and I came to San Dimas as a young married couple.  Our four kids know San Dimas as their home.  Today I remain committed – to children and senior citizens, families and individuals;  to fair, open, and friendly government;  to high standards and our small town feeling – in short, to you, the people of San Dimas!

Facebook:  JohnEbiner2015

Twitter:   @JohnEbiner2015

Video produced by Philip Ebiner


Thanks to all who attended the Candidates Forum on February 17, or watched it on TV or on the Internet.


Click here to view the Candidates Forum.


on or before

March 3,


John and Anthony

The Ebiner Family

Lori and John

Philip, Anthony, Beth, Christine

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